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The film is about poetics, as much as about the politics, of music. It’s about jazz as a pan-cultural transport, a kind of freedom train that goes on and on.

- New York Times | Luanda-Kinshasa

Douglas’s swooping lens swirls music, images, and memory together like tea and madeleines.

- Village Voice | Luanda-Kinshasa

A beautiful, heart-wrenching film that offers far more than empathy. It dares viewers to explore a disturbing corner of the Iraq War, a realm that no film has yet to touch.

- Huffington Post | Trooper

A beautiful film and a true example of the essence of cinema.

- Slamdance Film Festival | The Stone Child

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Christopher Martini

Chris is the owner of Triple Martini Productions, Inc. and lives in Brooklyn, NY, with his wife Liz, their son Aidan, and their dog, Stella.