Triple Martini Productions

Triple Martini Productions is an alliance between three siblings; Christopher Martini (writer/director/producer) “Trooper,” Michelle Martini (costume designer) “25th Hour,” and Max Martini (actor) “Fifty Shades of Grey.” We provide post-production services to MTV, National Lampoon, a variety of Advertising Agencies, including Narrative (Russel Simmons’ Company), and Hudson Rouge (the agency behind the legendary Lincoln spots with Matthew McConaughey).

In 2006, Triple Martini Productions produced the award-winning, “The Stone Child,” about a Lakota Native-American boy, coming of age, which screened at over 25 U.S. film festivals, won Channel 13’s Reel Shorts Contest, airing on PBS/Channel 13. The shoot involved, non-professional Native-American actors, a herd of wild buffalo, and was shot in the Badlands of South Dakota, in 18 degree weather.

In 2008, we produced the feature, “Trooper,” about an Iraq veteran returning from war, which was widely embraced by veterans of all wars, and garnered the support of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. Shot in 14 days, on a micro-budget, Trooper was picked up for distribution in 2015, by Factory Film Studio, and is available on all digital across North America, and VOD across Canada. “Trooper” received a glowing review in the Huffington Post, by Joshua Kors, respected journalist of veteran’s affairs.

In 2014, we produced “Luanda-Kinshasa,” an installation video for renowned Vancouver artist, Stan Douglas, executive produced by Stan and the David Zwirner Gallery in NYC. The shoot involved a 150 person crew, period set construction, hair, and costumes. A re-creation of a Miles Davis recording session, the video starred famed jazz musician Jason Moran, and other jazz greats. “Luanda” received glowing reviews in the New York Times, The Village Voice, and The Guardian, and was nominated for two International Association of Art Critics Awards, “Best Time-Based Format,” and “Best Show in a Commercial Space in New York.” The video was exhibited June 5th, 2015, at the Irish Museum of Art in Dublin.